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LAUREL, sitting on the DOCK of the BAY eating GINGER

snaps, SAGE-ly decided that being PEPPER-ed by hailstones

was not good for her. At the party last night, TIMOTHY asked

her to dance, and she told him to ask ROSEMARY, because she

was going to dance with BASIL during the next set. He told

her she would RUE her CHILI rejection of him, but she felt

that he may become the BANE of her existence if she gave him

the THYME of day. He got really angry, and made fun of her

LAVENDER dress, whereupon she smote him mightily with her

MACE and CLOVE his head. He told her after he healed, he

and his friend, HERB, would be CUMIN after her, and would

TARE her arms off and BRAKE her face. She then gave him a

POKE in the belly, and moved to OREGANO where her friend,

ANGELICA, was frequently engaging in interesting CAPERS.

HERB was only interested in one thing anyway: he was a real

HOREHOUND, who would take all the LOVAGE he could get. Some-

times LAUREL was a little spicey herself, but only PARSLEY

so. CICELY was much worse than she. She said, "Open SESAME"

to the most unSAVORY people, even BENNE, who was a rotten

rapSCALLION if ever there was one. LAUREL walked slowly up

the RAMP to take a LEEK before getting into her MINT-

condition CHIVE-y to drive home.


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