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A FEW RANDOM THOUGHTS (written in the 1960's)

What is love? What value does it hold? How important is it? Can you
see it? Can you touch it? Can you hear it?
Can you smell it? Is it, as someone once said, "blind?"
Is it a negation of all that is real, cold, and hard? Is
everything that is real necessarily cold and hard? Cruel?
What is real? Is "real" defined as that which we can hear,
See, touch, and smell? Or could it be considered to be only that which
we intuitively know without reason, without proximate or especial
cause? If the latter be what real is, then it is possible that love is
real. If love is real, how much of it is real and to how much of it are
we (generally) entitled? To how much of it are we (specifically)
entitled? If love be in the realm of things
we know intuitively, does that also place it upon the pedestal of things
(for lack of more earthly terms) "holy"
and/or "sacred?" If this be so, then it must be divided into kinds and
types, which placing removes it from the mystical and brings it to the
world. Does this necessarily bring it strictly to the flesh, a
"symptom" rather than a
"disease"-a manifestation of what can be "true" (but is not
necessarily) rather than the entity that love can be? If
love itself be an entity, then does it necessarily need to be
consummated physically? This is to say, if the various physical acts
can be performed without a basis in "real,"
"honest," "true," and "beautiful," love, why cannot love itself exist
without the "act of love" which is so final and permanent? Or is it
final and permanent?

Will Durant says that that which actually happens (exists)
is not too important; that which people think has happened
(exists) is of importance as this motivates their behavior. If this be
so, then does that give a validity to that which we think?

If we think the "act of love" to be final and permanent,
then, perhaps it is.


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